Shop and Support

When you shop at some of your favorite retailers, you can support St. Paul Christian Academy! Follow these easy steps, and St. Paul will receive a percentage of your purchases from these retail partners:

1. Visit on your browser
2. Activate Amazon Smile on your Amazon shopping app (click here for iOS instructions)
3. Login with your existing Amazon account or create a new account 
4. Select St Paul Christian Academy as your charitable organization (note: no period in St Paul)
5. Shop for all your Amazon needs using the address; once activated, the app will automatically credit purchases to St. Paul


1. Visit
2. Login or create an account 
3. Click Community Rewards (in the footer of the webpage), search for St. Paul Christian Academy, and select Enroll* 
4. Swipe your Kroger Plus card at checkout in store or shop online with your rewards # 

*If you’ve previously selected St. Paul as your preferred organization, no further action is required


1. Download the Box Tops® for Education App 
2. Login or create an account and choose St. Paul Christian Academy as your school 
3. Scan each receipt after shopping


1. Visit
2. Login or create an account 
3. Click on your name in the top right corner to take you to your profile
4. Use the toolbar to scroll to the right until you see "My Publix Partner" (you must have selected a store provider and an address in your profile for this option to appear)
5. Enter St Paul Christian Academy in the search field and select (note: no period in St Paul)
6. Enter your phone number at checkout in store* 

*Partner Cards used in previous years are no longer accepted.


1. Visit
2. Shop for all your Shutterfly and Tinyprints needs


Just.Glass is a local nonprofit, housed under Justice Industries, that provides curbside pickup and recycling for your glass while creating job opportunities for individuals experiencing barriers to employment.

1. Subscribe to Just Glass through St. Paul's link and receive bi-monthly curbside pick-up of your recycled glass.

Thank you for supporting St. Paul!