Parent Council

As a St. Paul parent, you are already a member of our Parent Council.

Parent engagement in school activities is a crucial part of the strength of our community. Helping children succeed is a shared responsibility for us all. Parent Council works to support the school in many ways by promoting unity, cooperation, and involvement of the St. Paul Christian Academy family; fostering communication between parents and the school; sponsoring fundraising activities that provide resources for areas such as faculty enrichment, classroom needs, and facility improvements; and much more.

Whether helping with homework, supporting a fundraising event, or volunteering as a member of Parent Council, families are partners in their children's education. Parental involvement in all areas leads to improved student success and an enriched learning environment.

Numerous Parent Council volunteer opportunities offer parents avenues to learn more about St. Paul and have fun while interacting with faculty, fellow parents, and your child's classmates. In addition, Parent Council holds monthly meetings that all parents are invited to attend. Parent Council typically meets on the first Tuesday of every month in the Kuyper Conference Room in Kuyper Hall. See the schedule below for specific meeting times and locations.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Jun 26
Mon, Jun 27
Tue, Jun 28
Wed, Jun 29
Thu, Jun 30
Fri, Jul 1
Sat, Jul 2
Sun, Jul 3
Mon, Jul 4
Tue, Jul 5
Wed, Jul 6
Thu, Jul 7
Fri, Jul 8
Sat, Jul 9
Sun, Jul 10
Mon, Jul 11
Tue, Jul 12
Wed, Jul 13
Thu, Jul 14
Fri, Jul 15
Sat, Jul 16
Sun, Jul 17
Mon, Jul 18
Tue, Jul 19
Wed, Jul 20
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Dining Hall
Thu, Jul 21
Fri, Jul 22
Sat, Jul 23
Sun, Jul 24
Mon, Jul 25
Tue, Jul 26
Wed, Jul 27
Thu, Jul 28
Fri, Jul 29
Sat, Jul 30
Sun, Jul 31
Mon, Aug 1
Tue, Aug 2
Wed, Aug 3
Thu, Aug 4
Fri, Aug 5
Sat, Aug 6

St. Paul Christian Academy integrates academic excellence with a passion for Christ to develop a strong foundation for young leaders who uniquely shape the world in which they live. As a St. Paul parent, I am already a member of the Parent Council. As Parent Council members, we support the administration, faculty, and staff in furthering the mission of our school and developing our children to grow in Christ.