St. Paul Christian Academy uniforms are available for purchase through the local branch of national uniform retailer Max & Alice School Uniforms, formerly known as Educational Outfitters. Students wear uniforms every day, with a special uniform worn on Wednesdays for chapel. Boys are allowed to wear shorts from the start of school through the Thanksgiving holiday and again from Spring Break through the end of the school year. All uniform items must be purchased from Max & Alice School Uniforms except for socks, tights, leggings, modesty shorts, shoes, belts, and turtlenecks. All outerwear must be St. Paul issued; this includes sweatshirts, pull-overs, vests, and jackets. These items can be purchased at the Saint Shop, Max & Alice School Uniforms, or Parent Council's Used Uniform Sale. The exception is for heavier coats worn during carpool and on the playground only.

Select the images below to explore our uniform guidelines. You can buy uniforms at the Max & Alice School Uniforms store located at 3205 Powell Avenue, Suite B, Nashville, TN 37204. If you have questions on purchasing, pricing, etc. please contact the local branch owner, Geoff Dennie, at (615) 373-0433 or hello@maxandaliceuniforms.com.

Max & Alice School Uniforms

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