Spiritual Life

Alex Florez
Director of Spiritual Life

In many ways, Spiritual Life is not something that is a separate category at St. Paul. Our motto is, “God in all things…” and indeed, everything we do is infused with and empowered by God’s presence. Everything we have at the school is given by God's hand, and everything we do is intended to honor Him in return. Our central pillar is "Passion for Christ," and our highest goal is that our students would strive academically, athletically, artistically, and in all their pursuits to be conformed more perfectly into the image of Christ.

My role as Director of Spiritual Life is threefold: to guide students in the process of knowing who God is and who they are in his eyes, to encourage faculty and staff to show Christ to our students, and to ensure that our focus on Christ is paramount. We seek God in all things.

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