St. Paul Stories

"My favorite part of being a student at St. Paul is that the small St. Paul community allows students to form close relationships with students, teachers and other faculty. I equally enjoy being able to have daily morning devotionals, daily prayers and weekly chapels." 

I have developed strong relationships with students, teachers and families. I have definitely grown through the 6th grade leadership program, which is amazing. I love the leadership job responsibilities and I am looking forward to the rest of my 6th grade year to continue to grow through this program."

Miller - St. Paul Student

"The part of teaching I find most rewarding is helping a student grasp a hard concept or problem. This can be academically in a classroom or even athletically or socially.  Often times when tackling a hard problem we can get discouraged. But what I love more than anything is helping a child see they can be successful. Watching a child problem solve a science equation and be excited to solve another, watching a child work at restoring or reaching out through friendship, or watching a child learn hard work and determination from athletics is the reason I teach.  

I believe our academic program stands out among the competition for several reasons. First, I am told time and time again by friends at our next-level schools how prepared our alumni are compared to their peers. Our students not only learn knowledge about subjects but are taught how to reason, prepare, and study.  Also, because we focus on the whole child with our academics, children are allowed to learn from mistakes. We recognize children as children, and work with them through encouragement and guidance to help them learn from mistakes instead of creating a false pretense of perfectionism. This allows students to tackle hard problems without the fear of making a mistake." 

Will Mitchell - St. Paul Teacher

"During our school selection and admission process, we were treated with warmth and intentional focus. Not only did Bobby and I feel welcome and free to ask important questions but we found that Alex and Greta were welcomed wholeheartedly, and made to feel comfortable and safe. Moreover, we felt that the individual characteristics and learning path for both children were carefully considered and well understood, with suggestions for each child on ways to continue to grow and thrive. We felt the draw of the warm community of faculty, staff, and parents at St. Paul. Our instincts led us to the conclusion that St. Paul would be the ideal environment for our children to learn and grow." 

Bob and Sarah Angus - St. Paul Parents

"St. Paul had a tremendous impact on me as a student as the school helped prepare me academically and socially for the challenges that come in middle and high school. St. Paul instilled confidence in me and helped me understand how to interact and learn from both teachers and peers. These lessons will be with me forever but started at St. Paul."

Ian Hall 
St. Paul Alumnus ('13)
2019 Montgomery Bell Academy Best Boy
Attending Stanford University