Middle School Readiness

St. Paul students are highly sought after by the most selective college-preparatory secondary schools in Nashville. We offer 6th-grade students and their parents various resources to help them achieve acceptance into their first-choice school.

Students work on next-level school preparation within their classroom through leadership training, academic development, and public speaking experiences. They also participate in practice interviews with the Head of School and Assistant Head of School for Academics before next-level school interviews. St. Paul provides classroom preparation for the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) and offers extended ISEE prep class through the Carraway Center to provide students with extra support as needed. In January, St. Paul facilitates an official ISEE testing that is exclusively available to St. Paul students.

St. Paul understands that next-level school transition is an important process for the entire family, which is why we provide support to parents and students. We assist parents as they seek the best school fit for their child and family, help coordinate visits to next-level schools, and communicate with next-level school's admissions departments.

St. Paul offers Choice Morning, a unique experience where many next-level schools come onto our campus early in the fall. Like a college fair, this event connects students and families with next-level school heads, admission teams, coaches, and other staff in an informal environment. St. Paul is the only school in the Nashville area that offers this type of event for 6th-grade families.

Though they leave St. Paul, our alumni continue to integrate academic excellence with a passion for Christ as they lead and shape the communities to which they belong. Our graduates have been high school valedictorians, all-state athletes, leads in theatre productions, National Merit Scholars, and more.

"St. Paul had a tremendous impact on me as a student as the school helped prepare me academically and socially for the challenges that come in middle and high school. St. Paul instilled confidence in me and helped me understand how to interact and learn from both teachers and peers. These lessons will be with me forever but started at St. Paul.”

Ian Hall
2013 St. Paul Graduate
2019 MBA Best Boy
Attending Stanford University