Center for Student Success

The Center for Student Success (CSS) program is designed to support and enrich students through research-based methods proven to unlock student potential. We serve as a resource and as part of a collaborative team with teachers, parents, and outside providers.

St. Paul’s lower-school language arts curriculum (K-2) is highly structured and individualized. The lessons are anchored in multisensory language instruction that stimulates and builds auditory, visual, and kinesthetic pathways to learning. We teach the structure of language and the tools that strengthen reading, writing, and spelling. The CSS staff are credentialed as Certified Academic Language Therapists or Practitioners. All of our lower school teachers are trained by the CSS staff in the multisensory language approach. 

“I love that St. Paul recognized the need for structured literacy and other teaching methods in the classroom. With their forward thinking, they invested in training for their teachers and provided the necessary resources for the Center for Student Success. Their vision allows those students that may have different learning styles to succeed and enhances their overall academic experience. 

The Center for Student Success has assembled an amazing team of teachers that not only know how to individualize student’s learning but also teach them strategies that they will use for many years to come. We have had the benefit of two children who utilized their services and it’s been such a blessing to our family. One has already graduated and is doing very well at their next-level school. My other child is eager to work with them and is learning so much. It’s not just about the success in learning, but also about the relationships developed that has given my children the confidence to advocate for themselves and know anything is possible.

- St. Paul Parent