Center for Student Success

The Center for Student Success (CSS) is a program designed to support and enrich students through research-based methods proven to unlock student potential. We serve as a resource and as part of a collaborative team with teachers, parents, and outside providers.

CSS Mission

The Center for Student Success empowers the St. Paul Community to recognize children as unique learners, unlocking the potential of every student.

Areas of Support

1) Structured literacy program

2) Multi-sensory mathematics instruction

3) Teacher resource

4) Whole-class spelling and cursive instruction

5) Study hall & homework help

6) Test accommodations

CSS Team's Passion

Working with our teachers and students on a daily basis in the classroom has taught us one thing: each child learns differently. If we can conquer learning styles through individual instruction, we are already ahead in academic excellence and preparing students for the school year, their next level school, and their careers.

CSS Commitment

1) Your child’s team of teachers are committed to knowing and understanding your child completely - academically, socially, and emotionally.

2) We will tailor our instruction to meet the individual needs of your child.

3) We will provide ongoing communication about your child’s progress and will partner with you to understand any questions and concerns in your child's learning journey.

4) We will offer your child a safe and nurturing learning environment that provides opportunities to embrace challenge and discover their greatest potential.

St. Paul’s lower-school language arts curriculum (K-2) is highly structured and individualized. The lessons are anchored in multisensory language instruction that stimulates and builds auditory, visual, and kinesthetic pathways to learning. We teach the structure of language and the tools that strengthen reading, writing, and spelling. The CSS staff are credentialed as Certified Academic Language Therapists or Practitioners. All of our lower school teachers are trained by the CSS staff in the multisensory language approach. 

Meet the CSS Team

Lissa Whittington
Director of Center for Student Success

Serves as the point of contact for all learning services, bridges the gap between teachers, parents, and students when identifying needs and creates schedules.

Alli Simpson
Student Support Specialist

Provides specialized instruction in the lower-school classrooms and meets with small groups.

Lynne Walker
Director of Simultaneous Multi-Sensory Institute of Language Arts, Middle Tennessee

Provides multi-sensory language resources to faculty and students in classrooms and workshops.

Elsa Grude
Student Support Specialist

Meets with small groups and individuals to provide classroom and testing accommodations.