Academic Rigor

How do St. Paul students attain high academic standards? St. Paul welcomes them into a developmentally appropriate learning environment created by dedicated teachers, where children learn to work hard yet still enjoy the delights of childhood.

We hold high expectations for our students and provide a nurturing and challenging environment to help them meet those expectations and reach their highest potential. St. Paul prepares children for acceptance to and success in the most selective college-preparatory schools in Nashville.

St. Paul demonstrates academic excellence through our faculty’s ongoing attention to curricular improvement and adoption of practices that benefit the whole child—spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically—while preparing each student with the skills and habits of the mind they will need to succeed.

Our literacy program focuses on establishing phonemic awareness, blending and segmenting sounds into words, developing vocabulary, and building listening comprehension. Students will establish the correct motor movements necessary to form letters and numbers in our writing program while also practicing the act of putting their thoughts on paper using pictures, single words, and sentences. Our math program builds an understanding of numbers and computation and develops skills in problem-solving and logical thinking.