Head of School Welcome

St. Paul is a safe place where your child will be loved, known, and cared for by not only their teacher but our entire school community. The curriculum and intentionality of the St. Paul experience build foundations in young leaders and creates a community that encourages spiritual, academic, and leadership growth. The care for your child will be evident in the countless ways our faculty and staff invest in your son or daughter to form lifelong relationships that extend well beyond their time as St. Paul students.

Academically, St. Paul has a curriculum second to none that best prepares students for their next-level dreams. Part of academic preparedness is the Center for Student Success which offers individualized support to challenge students to great depth in language arts and math. The St. Paul STEAM program is especially popular as there is intentional incorporation of STEAM initiatives and projects within the curriculum at all levels of St. Paul. The 1:1 ratio of students to iPads allows St. Paul to train students on excelling and managing digital literacy well while also offering a classical approach to learning through a tested curriculum over the last 50 years.

Spiritually, a passion for Christ is instilled in the students of St. Paul through the culture of the teachers, the school, and chapel, where students are taught to seek God first in all endeavors. Understanding the love of God and the unique identity of each student with God-given talents is an essential part of the Biblical curriculum. 

By graduation at St. Paul, students have a solid understanding of the greater purpose of their life in a way that builds character foundations for years to come. This is evident in our graduates, as St. Paul students thrive in the highest levels of leadership at next-level schools and as they begin their careers in countless fields. 
The development of the St. Paul student’s voice and confidence comes from a culture that includes public speaking and leadership building. Students at the earliest ages are prepared to take the stage in chapel and speak to large groups of people. By the end of the St. Paul journey, speaking to others and leading others comes naturally to the students who have experienced leadership challenges. An intentional buddy program creates a culture of mentoring with older students spending time throughout the school year with their younger “buddy.”

Simply put, St. Paul is an experience that is transformational at a crucial time in our children’s lives. During the critical, character-forming years of adolescence, St. Paul partners with parents to build leaders for the future: girls and boys with a passion for Christ, inspiration towards academic excellence, and a foundational understanding of leadership to uniquely shape the world.

We welcome you to learn more about St. Paul by visiting our campus and discovering the ways your son or daughter could thrive on our campus. My door is always open, and I welcome you to contact me with any questions as you learn about St. Paul and make this important decision for your family. 

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With gratitude,

Will Norton
Head of School