Employment Opportunities

St. Paul Christian Academy seeks people who:

  • are passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people
  • seek to know each child as an individual
  • create a learning environment that challenges students to succeed
  • are dedicated to helping students develop a Christian worldview

Current openings include the following:

For general inquiries, please forward a brief letter of introduction, your résumé, and a statement of faith to Jeanette Leggett at jleggett@stpaulchristian.org. We are grateful for your interest in St. Paul Christian Academy, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Characteristics of Faculty Professional Excellence

A teacher at our school: 

1. Demonstrates the qualities of a professional educator. (Academic Excellence)

We are professionally prepared, caring, thoughtful individuals who exude a passion and expertise for our curriculum.  Through purposeful planning and organization, we utilize a variety of research-based instructional strategies to provide relevant and engaging work for our students.  We understand the importance of meeting deadlines, following policies, being punctual, and producing accurate work. 

2. Projects a positive, Christ-like attitude and models a thoughtful, balanced, Biblically-focused lifestyle. (Passion for Christ)

We desire to be the light of Christ through our words and deeds (Matthew 5:16).  Our conversations within our community are constructive, edifying, and grounded in Biblical perspective. We profess a faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and in the authority of scripture we recognize that we are on the journey of sanctification and actively pursue God.

3. Seeks to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships. (Leadership Development) 

We keep the whole child in mind to nurture and develop each student as a fearfully and wonderfully made image bearer of God. We seek to equip each student to be a servant leader who uniquely shapes the world. 

4.Partners with parents to promote student success.

We view our role as partners with parents in the shaping of the hearts and minds of their children, our students. We use a variety of communication methods to cultivate a team spirit with parents to encourage and guide student ownership of education. We connect with parents by sharing good news and having difficult conversations when necessary.

5. Facilitates proactive and constructive communication with students, parents, faculty, and administration.

We keep professional confidences.  We model biblically-based conflict and resolution using Matthew 18 as a guide.  We communicate a balance of specific praise and precise concerns using written and oral messages that are clear and grammatically correct.  We demonstrate compromise and grace to others and listen with open hearts.

6. Demonstrates active support for colleagues and intentionally collaborates and contributes to one’s team.

We collaborate within and across grade levels and subject areas by supporting and actively engaging colleagues with an attitude of openness and mutual respect.

7. Maintains individualized and high expectations for all students.

We recognize the special gifts and specific limitations of students, and challenge and nurture them to set high, yet realistic, goals for themselves, helping them reach their fullest potential.  Their progress towards these goals is monitored through a variety of assessment techniques and data analysis and is communicated through report cards with narratives, conferences, and daily interaction. We emphasize personal growth rather than comparison to others.

8. Utilizes a variety of assessment techniques to measure and monitor student learning and the effectiveness of our teaching methods. 

We evaluate students to determine what they have learned from instruction and use those outcomes to drive instruction.  Assessments are used to empower teachers and students as they progress towards rigorous school standards and personal goals.

9. Provides mission-consistent discipline for all students.

We hold students to realistic and high behavioral expectations.  We explicitly state expectations while modeling, reinforcing, and celebrating positive behavior. Students are given fair and logical consequences with the goal of developing self-control.  A redemptive purpose guides discipline. 

10.Exhibits a growth mindset. 

We demonstrate a willingness to be flexible and to champion life-long learning in self and students. We pursue professional growth and implement research-based best practices in the classroom. 

11. Integrates technology as an instructional and productivity tool.

We employ appropriate technology for productivity, communication with parents, students, and staff, and for enhancing student learning.

12. Embraces ownership of our school through active contribution to school growth and improvement and support of the school community.

We demonstrate a passion for our school by being public ambassadors and advocates.  We understand that the profession is a calling, not a job, and put forth extra effort by engaging in school growth and improvement and supporting the school community beyond our individual classrooms.