About Us

What do you hope and dream for your children before they enter their teenage years? At St. Paul, we walk with parents to establish a permanent foundation for our students so that they flourish by pursuing academic excellence, a passion for Christ, and an ever-deepening understanding of their call to be leaders who uniquely shape the world in which they live. We form this foundation by creating a place where your child is known, loved, nurtured, and challenged to be his or her best.

At St. Paul we strive to shape young men and women who will uniquely shape the world in which they live. That desire directs everything we do, from curriculum planning to weekly chapel to the naming of our buildings and rooms. As our children walk through McGuffey Hall, read in the C.S. Lewis Library, sing in the Crosby Music Room, or run on the Liddell Track, they are reminded that the God of Scripture is alive, working through people who are passionate for Christ, who are committed to excellence in every field of endeavor, and who are prepared to lead.

Our Mission:

St. Paul Christian Academy integrates academic excellence with a passion for Christ to develop a strong foundation for young leaders who uniquely shape the world in which they live.


St. Paul Pillars

Academic Excellence

St. Paul students and faculty pursue academic excellence in a loving and challenging environment where children learn to work hard while at the same time maintaining the wonder of childhood. We hold high expectations for our students, and our nurturing environment helps them meet those expectations to reach their highest potential. As a result, our children are well prepared for acceptance into the most competitive college-preparatory schools in Nashville, and each year finds our graduates thriving in every way at schools such as Brentwood Academy, Harpeth Hall, and Montgomery Bell Academy.

Passion for Christ

Since St. Paul's founding, our Christian identity has been central to our mission. We believe that children are image bearers of God himself. We desire all of our students to come to know and to love God, to understand his Word, and to develop the wisdom, courage, and strength to walk in his ways. We seek to be an authentic Christian community, characterized by a passion for Christ. The curriculum and culture of our school reflect this through daily devotions, weekly chapel services led by students, Bible classes, and a variety of ministries to the community.

Leadership Development

We believe that God is calling all of our students to become Christian leaders in their homes, at their schools, in their future careers, and throughout their lives. We equip our students to understand Christian leadership, and we give them opportunities to practice leading. St. Paul students lead chapel programs, help keep our campus clean, participate in service at every grade level, and mentor younger students in our buddy program. Additionally, in their capstone year, our sixth graders have new, daily opportunities to serve our school as they prepare to be leaders in their next schools and beyond.

Those aren't just words. They are the daily reality of how God uses His people to shape this culture, this world in which we live. Our students live in a world that desperately needs their leadership, their passion, and their excellence. They will face many challenges that will try their creativity and their perseverance. But as they look up and see the names on the buildings where they spend their days, they will be reminded that people of God—mend and women of huge faith and hope—have gone before them, leaving their mark for the glory of God. This is the great story in which we find ourselves. May we prepare our children to live out the next act.