St. Paul Players

The St. Paul Players is the name of St. Paul’s theatrical group, where students have the opportunity to gain confidence, hone their acting skills, and gain invaluable experience in the performing arts.

The year is divided into two seasons and 5th and 6th grade students can sign up for one or both seasons.

The St. Paul Players work intensely during the fall months in preparation for An Evening with the Arts. Although some musical numbers are rehearsed, the fall season focuses most heavily on the theatrical aspects of performance.

In January a new season begins, rehearsing for the annual spring musical production. This season includes both acting and music rehearsals, as singing is an important part of creating the show. Past musicals include Aladdin Jr., Annie Jr., Willy Wonka Jr. and Beauty and the Beast Jr.

For both seasons, The St. Paul Players meet after school on Mondays and Wednesdays. Faculty and coaches for St. Paul athletic teams work together so that students can participate in sports and St. Paul Players as part of a well-rounded elementary school experience.