Chapel is the centerpiece of our Spiritual Life program at St. Paul. Here our community gathers together to proclaim to each other the good news of Jesus Christ, which gives meaning and purpose to everything else that we do on campus from the classroom to the lunch room to the athletic fields.  

Because of the centrality of this community experience to who we are at St. Paul, we have intentionally shaped our Chapel time differently than many Christian schools. First, with very few exceptions, our whole school attends every Chapel.  We are well aware of the challenges this poses when our student body ranges from four years old to twelve; however, we find that our younger students rise to the challenge while our oldest students learn to humble themselves for the good of the little ones. The benefit of unity outweighs the cost to individual comfort.

We also produce our Chapels a bit differently. Instead of inviting in outside speakers, we give our students responsibility for producing our Chapels. Each student plays a role in writing, preparing, memorizing, and performing the Chapel assigned to their homeroom. And while we may miss out on some more polished speakers, overall we find that we are more than compensated as the students truly have to take the message of the Chapel to heart. Regularly, as our sixth graders recall their memories from St. Paul, a Chapel on the Beatitudes or King David or the Fruit of the Spirit comes quickly to mind, and this is to say nothing about the benefits in the areas of confidence, leadership, public speaking, and collaboration.

We would be honored for you to join us for Chapel on any Wednesday during the school year at 8 AM in the St. Paul Community Church Sanctuary.