Board of Trust

The mission of St. Paul Christian Academy is to integrate academic excellence with a passion for Christ to develop a strong foundation for young leaders who uniquely shape the world in which they live.

St. Paul is governed by the Board of Trust, men and women who serve by leading the school strategically and ensuring St. Paul fulfills that mission. The Board also stewards St. Paul's financial and material resources. Beyond that, the Board of Trust sets policies on broad issues and helps with long-range planning.

Board of Trust members:

Mr. Mike Birdsong

Mrs. Teresa Bult

Mr. Jake Eaton

Mrs. Debbie Kenny

Mr. Matt Lane

Mr. Tal Lefler

Mr. Stephen Lorance
Pastor, St. Paul Community Church
ex officio


Mrs. Anne Lucas

Mr. Jackson Moore

Mr. Kit Ozburn

Mrs. Rosemary Plorin

Dr. Jason Powell
Head of School, St. Paul Christian Academy
ex officio


Mr. Brandon Rife

Mr. William Seibels

Dr. Josh Smithson

Mr. Jimmy Stansell

Mrs. Karen Sturgeon

Mr. Destin Tompkins

Mr. Andrew Ward