At St. Paul, we believe in the importance of daily physical activity because of the strong correlation between physical activity and increased brain development. Therefore, St. Paul students have physical education classes every day.

Physical education and athletics are about far more than learning to shoot a basketball or swing a baseball bat. Helping kids learn balance, coordination, agility and overall body control benefits them physically, emotionally and socially. We want every child to be confident in his or her physical abilities and have a positive body self-image. Each one of them is in fact, “remarkably and wonderfully made!"

Our curriculum is focused on our students getting the most out of each class. Activities are changed daily to help ensure that the culture of the class stays fresh and exciting. While classes spend time on improving individual techniques and skills, the primary objective is for students to exert the most energy possible during an individual class period.

Instructors stress the importance of movement while also placing a heavy emphasis on teamwork, hard work, resiliency, sportsmanship, and leadership development. The PE staff challenges the students at a developmentally appropriate level to be the best that they can be and always give their best effort. Each student is different and teachers do not compare students to one another but rather gauge individual progress and celebrate personal accomplishments.