Other Ways to Give

There are many ways to give financially to St. Paul beyond the Annual Fund. If you need more information about any of these options or want to speak with someone about other opportunities to give, please contact Parker Page or call (615) 269-4751.

The Kenneth C. Cheeseman Scholarship Fund

The Kenneth C. Cheeseman Scholarship Fund was established to broaden access to an excellent Christian education at St. Paul Christian Academy.  Over his 17 years as Head of School, Mr. Cheeseman worked often behind the scenes to make St. Paul accessible to a variety of families for whom an independent school education would not normally have been possible – both for prospective families and for current families who experienced unfortunate changes in their financial situation.  Carrying on this legacy, St. Paul is dedicated to making an academically excellent, Christ-centered education available to as many members of God’s family as possible.  If you are interested in partnering with St. Paul to honor Mr. Cheeseman’s legacy, please click here.

The Shepherd Fund

In the book of Numbers, chapter eighteen, God tells Moses that the Levite tribe would not receive an inheritance in the Promised Land because, since they would be the priests serving in the Temple, the Lord himself would be their inheritance. However, the Levites would still need provision even though they had no land, so God graciously arranged that all the animals and grains brought by the people to the Temple as the first fruits of the harvest would have a portion designated for the Levites. Thus, the Levites would be provided for by the rest of God’s people in recognition of the service they provided in the Temple.

In a similar way, many of the pastors in the Nashville community have foregone more lucrative careers for a calling to full-time ministry, selflessly serving our families and our community. And while we trust in Jesus’ promise that his yoke is easy and his burden is light, following Jesus’ calling means financial sacrifices for our pastors that often put a Christian education out of reach. For this reason, we established the Shepherd Fund, the purpose of which is to bridge the gap between what a pastor’s family can pay for tuition and what St. Paul can offer the family in terms of financial aid. We hope in this way to be a blessing to those who have made a sacrifice in order to bless us.

Capital Improvements

St. Paul has been extremely blessed to complete a comprehensive campus expansion plan over the past 10 years with the addition of Schaeffer Hall, the Rochford Center, and the Massey Athletic Complex.

Schaeffer Hall includes the three-level C.S. Lewis Library as well as classrooms designed for the fine arts, World Languages & Cultures, and technology. The Rochford Center has a double gymnasium, indoor walking track, locker rooms, and coaches' offices, with a concession stand/bookstore at the entrance of the facility. The Massey Athletic Complex encompasses the Liddell Track, the Little Dugan Davis Field, spectator areas, and two playgrounds. Completed in 2015, the Little Dugan Davis Field has an artificial turf surface and is used for physical education, recess, athletic practices, all-school gatherings, and summer programs.


Despite consistent and substantial annual giving, St. Paul Christian Academy has a modest general endowment in need of support. Growing our endowment will ensure the security of St. Paul’s financial future for the next generation of families.

There are countless opportunities to create named endowed scholarships and other endowed funds at St. Paul that will positively impact lives in perpetuity. To explore how you can further St. Paul’s mission with an endowed fund, please contact Parker Page at ppage@stpaulchristian.org or 615-269-4751.

Memorial and Honorary Gifts

Any gift may be made in memory of or in honor of a loved one, teacher, classmate, or friend.  

When you make your gift, simply include the name of the person for whom the gift is given, as well as contact information if you would like notification sent to the honoree or a family member of the person being honored or remembered. (Please note that in the notification the amount of the gift will not be shared.)