New Science Lab Open

St. Paul students are enjoying the use of a new Lower School Science Lab this fall. 

In creating this space St. Paul partnered with Artisan Industry’s Kevin Hale, who has designed award-winning imagineering projects nationwide and is known locally for the children’s spaces of the Brentwood Public Library and Nashville Public Library downtown.

The elements of the room were inspired by the lower school science curriculum, reflecting and enhancing the units of study. 

The ceiling features a complete model of the solar system with the sun, planets, major moons, and even a communications satellite. 

An 18-foot long water table is installed along the north wall. There is plenty of water to splash in and use for experimenting as well as details like a farm where the water can be diverted to irrigate the fields and even flood the area, recreating the one Nashville experienced in 2010.

Tucked in the corner is a tree with branches and leaves that are interchangeable so that the tree can reflect the current season. 

An exterior door provides easy access to the courtyard for conducting outdoor experiments and observations of the weather.

According to Beth Throckmorton, Lower School Science teacher, “This new space is inspiring our students, tapping into the sense of wonder and discovery God has given them about the world around them. As a teacher, I am so grateful for the resources it provides and the space to facilitate creative lessons from design thinking and engineering to biology and earth science.”