At St. Paul, students enjoy music classes once or twice weekly. Our primary goals are to develop and enrich the whole self, gain perspective on our world, and deepen each student’s relationship with God.

Students experience music through singing, playing instruments, moving, listening to music, and learning to read music. Students explore numerous genres of music including learning songs with scripture. Students learn the history and language of music while simultaneously applying their knowledge to the performance of music. New opportunities, challenges and skills are introduced in different grade levels as children mature and develop readiness. Classroom activities, use of technology, and public performances help students gain confidence and competence throughout the year. Creativity in the learning process is always encouraged.

Sixth grade students have the option of studying violin as an elective during their school day. These students meet four times throughout the week. Students learn techniques as well as further their notation and theory studies. String students perform at special St. Paul occasions during the school year.