From the first days of Junior Kindergarten through 6th grade, St. Paul’s library program is committed to helping students love and enjoy reading, as they use and understand the resources of the C.S. Lewis Upper and Lower School Libraries.

The lower school class time is devoted to developing an enjoyment for stories as students are exposed to different genres of literature during read-aloud stories. With assistance, students become more independent each year in selecting books from the library that ignite their interest in reading. As they are learning, we help them find grade-level books that foster curiosity and confidence.

Upper school students continue to develop library skills and become adept at finding books on the shelves independently. They begin to use the library's resources to research for classroom projects and assignments and begin to become more familiar with the Dewey Decimal System. We strive to cultivate passionate and avid readers who have a complete understanding of the functions of the library. Reading is the key to unlocking imagination and unlimited success in so many future endeavors.