Junior Kindergarten

Do you remember the first time you watched a caterpillar turn into a butterfly or when you first climbed aboard a bus for a field trip? Welcome to Junior Kindergarten, a world of exploration and discovery.

Our Junior Kindergarten program harnesses the natural curiosity of each student and provides opportunities to learn using all of the senses. Leading chapel through the reenactment of the Christmas story and playing with 3rd grade buddies are just two of many special JK traditions that students embrace.  

In Junior Kindergarten we delight in watching children learn through discovery, build sweet friendships, and strengthen their trust in God. Working with children to equip them with the skills necessary to succeed in Kindergarten is critically important.

Our literacy program focuses on establishing phonemic awareness, blending and segmenting sounds into words, developing vocabulary and building listening comprehension. Students will establish the correct motor movements necessary to form letters and numbers in our writing program, while also practicing the act of putting their thoughts on paper using pictures, single words, and sentences.

Our math program builds understanding of numbers and basic computation, as well as developing skills in problem solving and logical thinking.

In our Bible program teachers present stories from the Bible and scriptures to memorize, but also strive to give the children opportunities to put others before themselves and love others as they are loved by Jesus.

What is your favorite thing about junior kindergarten?

“We watched caterpillars turn into butterflies.”
"Third grade buddies are the best.”
“We ride the bus to fun field trips.”
"I like reading books."
“Going to P.E. is great.”
"I got a pumpkin at the Pumpkin Farm.”


Visit many places on field trips including Warner Park Nature Center, Nashville Children's Theatre, Belle Meade Log Cabin, Nashville Humane Shelter, and Gentry's Farm

Wear pajamas on Hibernation Day

Dress up for Fairy Tale Day and Nursery Rhyme Day

Learn the chicken dance for Hoe Down Celebration

Lead a Christmas Chapel

Explore good nutrition through fun cooking experiences

Enjoy a Thanksgiving Feast with your third grade buddies

Explore the land of Dekodiphukan

... and many more adventures!