First Grade

In first grade, everything is centered around building a strong foundation in reading, math, and social development. The heart of first grade is helping students to grow in these fundamentals in preparation for a lifetime of learning.

Our curriculum is designed for students to take risks and to be successful. First graders are challenged to think critically, problem solve, and persevere. A wide range of resources and strategies are used to meet the needs of every student. As our teachers reach students where they are academically, socially, and spiritually, these students grow and flourish.

Fun traditions and dress-up days continue in first grade, and the faculty continues to cultivate the sense of wonder children feel about learning new things.


Students are introduced to the major characters and stories of the Bible through lessons and scripture. The Bible has many stories, and all of these stories come together to tell one big story. Students begin to see how it takes the whole Bible to tell this story of how God loves His children and comes to rescue them.

Language Arts

We want our students to become lifelong readers and writers, and to be able to communicate ideas and form opinions about different genres. Our curriculum introduces, reinforces, and enriches reading comprehension skills and strategies. It also highlights writing, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary in each lesson. Through the practice of listening, reading, and responding, students develop a greater understanding of all that they read and grow in their ability to express themselves.


In first grade children continue using the Everyday Mathematics curriculum to build a solid number sense, mathematical vocabulary, and problem solving. Students practice these skills with multiple strategies. Partnerships and small groups work together as they explore and experiment ways to solve problems in everyday situations. This process fosters problem solvers and creates mathematical thinkers. Basic fact mastery is also of great importance and practiced throughout the year.


Students explore scientific concepts through hands-on activities both in their homeroom and in weekly classes with the lower school science teacher.

Social Studies

Social Studies in first grade uses historical events, holidays, symbols, and individuals to link the past to the present. Students develop skills that will allow them to be global and productive citizens for the future as they learn to reflect thoughtfully on the experiences of others. In addition, students build relevant skills in their weekly World Languages and Cultures co-curricular class.


What is your favorite thing about first grade?

“I love it when our buddies come and we play math games together.”
“I loved doing experiments in science.”
“I loved writing a friendly letter to my secret pal.”




Dressing up for 70s Day

Learning Heart Words every week

Dressing like a 100-year-old for the 100th day of school

Playing percussion instruments in music class

Visiting Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary

Dressing up for Fairy Tale Day

Listening to chapter book read-alouds

Rotating to other classrooms for Fun Fridays​

Practicing contraction surgery​

Having the opportunity to participate in Chess Club​

Building recycled robots

Measuring Goliath’s height  

Doing an in-depth author study of Dr. Seuss

... and many more adventures!