Center for Student Success

We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.   Romans 12:6

The Center for Student Success at St. Paul Christian Academy creates individualized success plans for each student. Because St. Paul is committed to seeing each child flourish and grow, teams collaborate to identify each child’s unique strengths. Data from assessments, anecdotal evidence of perceived strengths and input from parents, teachers and other experts culminate with an individualized Student Success Plan. The working document includes both background information, research-based practices, and strategies that foster academic and behavioral success.

As each child progresses through the elementary years, the document evolves to reflect growth so it can represent the child accurately as a learner and as a person. We believe every student can achieve personal excellence if they are taught to apply their strengths to the learning process.

Beyond individualized success plans, the Center for Student Success supports St. Paul's faculty and provides relevant professional development. When a student requires direct support or enrichment, the Center for Student Success coordinates interventions. The staff also serves as a resource for parents who desire a deeper understanding of their child as an individual learner or St. Paul's instructional practices and philosophies. The resources that the Center for Student Success provides to parents enriches the partnership between families and our faculty.