45 Years in Green Hills

The 2016-2017 school year has started off with a bang, with campus construction and the expanded Center for Student Success headlining changes on campus, until the announcement that Dr. Jason Powell had been named St. Paul's next Head of School came from the Board of Trust at the end of the first week.

We are looking forward to getting to know Dr. Powell and his family more this year, and also to celebrating the tenure of Mr. Cheeseman, who has served St. Paul so faithfully. However, in the midst of all this change and good news, a milestone is passing by.

St. Paul Christian Academy has been serving families from this spot on Hillsboro Pike for 45 years. (That's older than many of our parents!) We have alumni who are now parents of current students and alumni members of our faculty and staff.

Many things have changed around campus, but many things remain the same. Our core commitments are best summed up in the three pillars that represent our mission: academic excellence, passion for Christ, and leadership development. 

As we look forward toward a bright future, or back at our rich past, we do so knowing that we are stewards of a mission that God has faithfully confirmed to our community time and again. We continue to cultivate a nurturing community where children are known, loved and prepared for all that lies ahead. 

Here's to 45 years of St. Paul, and to the next 45 years. May our students' children and their children be richly blessed by a school that is still integrating academic excellence with a passion for Christ to develop a strong foundation for young leaders, who uniquely shape the world in which they live.